Building a deck around a pool, whether it is an aboveground or an in ground pool, is a tough job, it is pretty time consuming as well but it is worth it in the end. This article is all about decks, it will give you an overview about all kinds of decks, different ideas and designs for building decks around your aboveground pools.

The basic purpose of constructing a deck around your pool is to have a space for people to take a sunbath or walk around the pool easily. But it is not just this space, it gives an amazing look to your pool and backyard as well. All you need to do is to first decide which type of deck you want to build, consider all the options, pick one that is the most suitable for you and only then you can start thinking about the design of the deck.

Building a Pool Deck!

There is not really any quick way of building a pool deck, it does and will take your time. Also, if you are thinking about doing this yourself, you will need a lot of equipment like proper tools and a work force as well, even if you are a pro when it comes to above ground pools.

There are basically 4 major steps involved in building a deck around your above ground pool.

  • Installation of the supporting poles.
  • Construction of the frame.
  • Then, installation of the deck
  • And finally, installation of fence.

Types of Decks around the Pool

  • Wooden Pool Decks

The wooden pool decks are one of the best options you can go for. These are the most popular ones as well. The best thing about this type of pool deck is that one can build it of any size and shape. It only depends on your imagination and creativity.

It looks fantastic around above ground pools.

  • Resin Prefab Pool Decks

The best thing about resin prefab pool deck is their ability of not deteriorating in cold climates. They can be the ideal alternative for the aluminum decks. They are available in different colors and interesting shapes. If you seek help from experts, you can even have a custom design for the deck around your pool.

  • Aluminum Pool Decks

The aluminum decks often come with the aboveground pools. That’s the thing about these decks, their usage is limited to a specific pool model. The good thing about these decks is that they can be installed pretty easily, they can cope with the colder temperatures quite well and the flooring provides comfort for your feet.

  • Stone Decks for your Pool

The stone decks are the most expensive ones. But they also provide the most beautiful look to your pool as well.

  • Composite Style Pool Decks

These are the best ones, in my opinion. These decks can very easily fulfill the requirements of an above ground pool owner. These are basically a combination of the above mentioned 4 types. You can have a wooden deck with surrounding are of aluminum.


As the summer is approaching quickly, many people are considering having a swimming pool in their own backyard to beat the heat. But the question is which one to buy??? Above ground pool or the in ground pool?

The following is basically a comparison between the two based on 4 major factors:

Factor One: Cost

Typically, the in ground swimming pools, no matter if they are concrete, vinyl or any other material, can cost around $30,000 to $80,000. Yes the range is pretty big but that’s how it really is.

The above ground pools cost usually around $15,000. But this price tag is for the pool only, there are other equipment, installation, tools and etc. that are necessary and can cost pretty much as well. The whole process of leveling the ground, cleaning it, having professionals install the pool, then maybe having a deck around the pool, pool lights, pool heater, covers, liners and etc. are the things that you need to consider before going for an above ground pool as well.

There are basically 3 major areas where you will need to spend if you opt for the aboveground one.

  • Cost of the kit ( 3,000 to 7,000)
  • Installation cost (1,000 to 5,000)
  • Pool decking cost (if you go for it)

So, this means a typical aboveground pool can cost you around 4,000 to 12,000 (the decking cost is not included here, only the kit and installation cost are). You need to consider having a deck as well as it can give your backyard and pool a whole new stylish look and other features as well, but then again, in some cases decking costs even more than the pool.

Factor Two: Size

The aboveground pools are available in different sizes, mostly when one considers an aboveground pool, it is because they are small in size compared to the in ground ones. However, you need to know that the aboveground ones can be as large as a normal in ground pool.

For instance, a 40’ diameter aboveground pool has a bigger surface area than an 18x42 in ground pool. Aboveground pools are limited to a uniform depth though.

Factor Three: Maintenance

The two pools can’t really be differentiated on this factor as both need quite a lot of maintenance. The pool maintenance and keeping the pool water clean and etc. are required in both the cases. However, if your aboveground pool is not surrounded by a deck, it will be very difficult to clean and vacuum the pool.

 Factor Four: Durability

The typical life of an aboveground pool is about 7 to 14 years, after that the shape of the pool gives out. The liners of these pools can last for around 5 to 10 years.

The life of the in ground pools depend on the material basically, for instance, the vinyl pools structure can last longer but the liners of this type last for around 7 to 11 years. The concrete structure also lasts longer but they need repairing and replacement after 10 to 13 years. And the fiberglass structure can last for more than 2 decades.